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Proud member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA)

KASI is a proud member of IAGSA

KASI Aviation provides world wide, full flight services to airborne survey companies. We offer aviation services to Geophysical, LiDAR and Photo companies, providing them with well maintained and well equipped aircraft.

Recent survey work completed by KASI Aviation:

Awaiting deployment

KSX & MEC awaiting deployment in Louisiana USA

C-GKSX with CZMIL Installed

C-GKSX is a PA31 Navajo with an Optech CZMIL installed. It sips 30gph at 140kts, the optimal speed for the CZMIL. That’s less than half of what a King Air would burn for the same speed. C-GKSX did flight times of between 5 and 6 hours in Panama in 2015, a mission time that would be impossible in other aircraft.

C-GKSX Overflying the Panama Canal

The KASI team recently completed the Panama Canal/Gatun Lake survey with C-GKSX, one of our Piper Navajos. The Navajo is an excellent platform for survey, and the entire area was flown within one week of our arrival on site. A contract extension was quickly offered to our client from the Panama Canal Authority.


Other projects and installations completed by KASI Aviation can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

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