Hyperspectral imaging involves capturing a wide array of frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum simultaneously. The data obtained from hyperspectral survey is useful in many applications including agriculture, mineral science and geophysics. Using spectral signatures, scientists can determine the location of valuable resource deposits.

AgNav Install
KASI’s own AgNav system installed in C-GKSX ready to fly a hyperspectral job
A hyperspectral systemin C-GKSX for a job with a great partner company, HyVista.

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KASI Aviation’s most recent hyperspectral project was in Alaska, USA in partnership with a private Australian corporation, obtaining data for the USGS. Our pilots have experience with remote & cold-weather operations, and all of our aircraft have engine blankets and warmers, wing and tail covers and cabin heaters to keep your equipment as warm as you need. Visit the Contact Us page for information on our rates and availability.

Flight Operations Specialists for Airborne Surveys