With a few seasons of LiDAR already under our belt, KASI Aviation has taken this fairly young industry by storm. In 2013 we completed multiple contracts in North America using Optech and Leica LiDAR systems. In 2014 we partnered with an industry leader to fly tens of thousands of line kilometers over a period of six months.

A Leica 50 system installed in GKSX
Forward view of the Leica 50 installation
KSX Ready for your Install
Our aircraft offer a flexible space for your installation

More LiDAR installation photos are available in our Photo gallery.

Considering the experience KASI has flying for companies around North America using their respective LiDAR equipment, to say that KASI has developed a penchant for point density would be an understatement. Our pilots have all flown LiDAR in the past and continue to satisfy our clients’ needs for a stable, reliable platform for their data collection. We have now installed and operated more than half a dozen different LiDAR systems in our aircraft and can aid our clients with any custom mounting or positioning they may require. Visit the Contact Us page for information on our rates and availability.

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